How to create value with your content

Hamed Derakhshani
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One of the things that I constantly remind my clients is this: you have to create value with your content. Otherwise you won’t ever have the audience or the customer base you want. And the same goes for individual creators. When you create something for an audience, you must have a clear idea of what value you’re giving them.

In this post, I’m gonna talk about creating value with content. So you can get better at planning your content and attracting more people to it.

These tips can help all creators in their process, but are specially useful to bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers.

If you’re a photographer, you should wait for my next post about what makes a good and valuable image.

1- Getting information across, easily and quickly

Valuable content contains information; Information that can be useful and help people in certain situations. If you can get this information across in a way that’s quick and easy to understand for your audience, your content has value for them.

If this information is hard to find and not available in many other places or if it helps people to do something real in their lives right now, your content has even more value.

For example, people need to have a recipe to bake a cake at home. Maybe you want to create some content to deliver this information. This is creating value with content.

Now, if you can have a more detailed and unique recipe or give some additional information that can make things easier or quicker for people, your content will have more value. Maybe you’ll add a video that people can follow step by step or some special tips or a special ingredient, anything extra that helps.

2- Entertaining with stories

Good storytelling is an art form. It’s also a tradition that has survived everything thrown at it to reach us in the 21 stcentury. You can say it’s an important part of our identity -as human beings- to crave good stories and to follow them to their conclusion.

So if you can tell stories that your audience likes to follow, you can create value this way.

It doesn’t matter what the story is about. It doesn’t have to be directly about your own brand. It can be anything. But if you can tell it well, you can attract a whole new audience.

3- Making them feel something

Content that can make people feel something instantly, is valuable. Although I must say that not every feeling has the same amount of value for different people.

For example if you run a political blog to provide news and analysis before anywhere else, your audience can feel like they know more things than everyone else and they know them before everyone else. This is a valuable for some people.

But if your content can make people feel really happy or important or not alone -even for a few minutes- it’ll be valuable beyond measure. And people will remember and share your content and reward you for making them feel something.

4- Making the audience part of your process

If you can include your audience in the process of creating content, results will be valuable for them. This should be done in a way that makes people think like they’re part of something bigger and they have a voice.

Doing this the right and effective way can be very hard. But if you can create a process that works for you and your audience, you will have loyal fans for life.

5- Explaining complicated and expansive concepts in an understandable way

People are always looking for quick and simple solutions for their problems and summarized information they can use. (see no.1 on this list) But some topics are too big and too complicated. To answer some questions, you need to write thousands of words or create a very long explainer video.

These kinds of long-form content, usually attract less people. But they attract people who really need or like them. Like watching or reading for hours, then writing a comment, then sharing the content, need or like them.

So you can create value with your content like this as well.

6- Your content, your way!

There are lots of ways to create value by creating content. Things I mentioned above, are just a few of them. You can mix and match these ways to reach your own personalized way. If you can create your own formula to create valuable content that speaks to your target audience, you will reap the benefits in no time.

Tell me in the comments about your way of creating value.

This is the English version of another article that first appeared on my main (Persian/Farsi) blog.

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