When you feel the threat of war everyday…

Hamed Derakhshani
3 min readMay 10, 2019


photo credit: Daniel Reche

You hear people say it all the time: “the world has gone mad”. But you can’t really understand it until it happens to you, until you feel a constant threat of war. Now, I’m starting to see the madness of it all, clearer than ever…

These past few months, we’ve heard politicians, reporters and Middle East and US experts say it: the shadow of a US-Iran war is getting bigger and creeping closer as the sun sets on the JCPOA.

And every time they talk about war, I ask myself: have they all gone mad? And the answer is yes. Some more than others. Lets just hope that the people don’t become the sacrificial lamb in this struggle between mad bullies.

Just Why?

I don’t know who the hell said every generation needs its own war. But haven’t we had enough?

Iran still hasn’t recovered from its 8 year war with Iraq. It ended a few years before I was born, in 1988. Before that, we had a long revolution with lots of casualties. There are still families who lost someone in both the revolution and the war. We should be thinking about building our country and solving our own infighting and other problems, not about fighting another war.

And US troops are still fighting and dying in the Middle East. Why? Because some old crazy men decided everyone in this region is a potential terrorist? Or maybe the oil reserves and other resources were still too good to pass up for them.

If another war for the people of these countries isn’t madness, tell me what it is. I’ll hear you. Because talk about war is all there is these days.

A feeling that won’t go away

Have you ever woken up with the thought of war on your mind? Have you ever went to school or your job thinking about what will happen if there is an air attack on the city? Have you ever went on a date or kissed your children wondering if there’s a shelter nearby in case of an emergency? Have you ever brushed your teeth at night reminding yourself to buy lots of bread tomorrow and store it somewhere because who knows what’s going to happen? Have you ever felt the threat of war on your country?

Well I have. Even right now -as I’m sitting in a café on a cool spring night with a pot of tea by my side- I’m thinking how this café and the gardens surrounding it will look like next year. Who will be here to enjoy them?

I am thinking all these things while living my ordinary life. And this is all I wish: For me and my generation to continue our ordinary simple lives as we want, without thinking about war or facing crippling sanctions every day. And for our parents’ generation to never hear the sirens of evacuation again.

We’ve all had enough. The world’s had enough. We don’t want to see death and destruction in a war that’s not ours. We all have our own personal battles, and those are quite enough for one lifetime. Let’s say no to war and all who want to wage it. Seems like our time may be coming…

Originally published at https://english.hamed.media on May 10, 2019.



Hamed Derakhshani

A Freelance Writer & Photographer From Iran